Meet Your Guides

Hi, I’m Olivia the Grevillea caleyi. With my colourful toothbrush-like flowers, I’m one of the most stylish residents of Duffys Forest! Sadly, you won’t see my flowers around the forest much anymore – my family and I are now endangered. I’m looking forward to hanging out with you and teaching you more about Duffys Forest.
G’day, I’m Billy the Southern Brown Bandicoot. With my long claws I use to find food, I’m one of the best hole-diggers in Duffys Forest. I used to be found all over Warringah but now there are only a few of my friends left. Come with me as we find out why my friends and I are disappearing from this area, and how we can save who’s left.

Meet Billy and Olivia. They’re two of Duffys Forest’s rarest species and they’ll be your guides on your Duffys Forest adventure.